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The Nigerian – Malaysian trade relationship dates back to decades. Malaysian products are well known for their high quality standards. This is associated with the efficiency and high performance level of Malaysian industries. No wonder why Malaysian companies can be found in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Electro, Technical, Agriculture, Manufacturing and other service oriented industries. In all these fields, they have distinguished themselves.

The Nigeria-Malaysia Business Council serves as an umbrella under which member companies operate, the activities of the Council are geared towards investment promotion between Nigeria and Malaysia.


The main objectives of the Council are as follows:

  • To provide a forum, mutually representative of Nigeria and Malaysia interest, whereby the development of trade and industry would be encouraged.
  • Promote bilateral trade and investment between Nigeria and Malaysia
  • Act on behalf of and / or represent members whose interest might be affected by changes in existing Nigerian or Malaysian legislation.
  • Provide an effective organisation through which those having Malaysian and Nigerian commercial and industrial interest can work together to foster these interests.
  • Encourage contact among members and with appropriate group or organisations in Nigeria and Malaysia.
  • Arrange functions on subject of current importance to the commercial community, and to conduct regular gathering of specialist groups with the aim of encouraging members to meet and discuss problems of mutual concern.
  • Maintain a close liaison with appropriate officials in government departments and representative bodies concerned with furthering Malaysian – Nigerian trade and industry.
  • Publicize by all appropriate means the views of the Business Council on matters of common interest.
  • Provide an information service to members wishing to obtain advice on matter relating to Malaysian-Nigerian trade and industry.


A good spectrum of services reflects the benefits, expertise contacts and connections represented by the Nigeria – Malaysia Business Council.

  • To initiate and articulate ideas for Trade, Tourism, and Investment in Technology Industries policy thrusts.
  • To serve as a vanguard Business Council and focal point for promotion of Trade, Tourism and Cultural exchanges, rural industrialisation, Poverty alleviation and eradication, Technology acquisition and adaptation, Job creation and sustainable development for livelihood between the two countries.
  • Establishment of contacts between Nigerian and Malaysian exporters and importers
    Organising trade fairs and specialised exhibitions
  • Joint venture partnership arrangement
  • Market consultation through up – to – date surveys of market conditions
  • Reference to domestic and foreign supply sources.
  • Information on tariff rates and customs procedures
  • Organisation of seminars and workshop on specific economic topics
  • Newsletter to keep track of day to day development of the business and economic scene of both countries.
  • Membership luncheons with prominent Malaysian or Nigerian speakers to feature current topics on bilateral trade and provide an ideal environment for business and information exchange.
  • Training, Research and Development as it affects members’ growth.

Furthermore, the Council is also established;

  • To promote and facilitate development programmes, instruments and support services to accelerate industries development, modernisation, network and linkage (both inter and intra sectorally) between Nigeria and Malaysia.
  • To mobilize internal and external resources, including, technical assistance for small, medium, large industries, their support

Institutions, trade associations and non-government organisations in both countries.
We hope the foregoing suffices, for further enquiry and clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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