Business and Trade Facilitation

Currently, the council is doing fine with the establishment of the Trade Corridor. The activities of the council has majored in Business and Trade Fair Facilitation.

NMBC Quarterly Newsletter

This aims to articulate some of the quarterly activities of the Council in print or e-copy which will be available for download from the council’s website as a means to educating the public and thereby promoting the council’s activities. We can have member’s company adverts displayed here.

Fact Finding

This entails facilitating enquiry visits for companies and individuals to Nigeria, the fastest growing economic hub in West Africa. We provide customized services which include Business to Business meetings (B2B) with potential indigenous clients/partners, meetings with professional bodies, individual company visits, company credit checks, market information, travel logistics, Media Public Relations as well as administrative support.

Business Advisory

The council can offer a holistic package including all services to set Malaysian business up in Nigeria. These services include legal advice on which business structure is best for Malaysian companies through our member lawyers; our member Real Estate and Property experts will guide Malaysian business in selecting the right location for their business. The council can offer access to qualified staff through our expert database, and provide in house networking solution and administrative support & training for their operations.

Visa Advisory Services

The Council can provide visa advisory services for member companies to support visa applications at the Malaysian High Commission in Abuja. Visa applicants who request for NMBC support are required to visit the NMBC Corporate HQ for a pre-inspection of their documents according to the checklist before submission at the Malaysian High Commission. Currently, the council rendered this service but only need to be standardized.

Vocational Training

The council can offer bi-annual vocational training in Agribusiness as well as symposium on agric-business export.

Showcase your company

The Council can focus more on helping members companies to find the right partner to distribute and sell products from Malaysian companies. The Council can mid-wife the linkage of Malaysian companies looking for clients but donĀ“t know how to identify them in Nigeria.

Other adds-on services that the council could embrace for member companies are displayed in the image below:

Airport Protocol Services for a smooth and VIP experience at the airport.

Liaison with Regulatory Agencies, specifically, the Nigerian Ports Authority

Registration with NAFDAC, SON and the FIRS.

The NMBC could established partnerships to provide Door to Door (D2D) & Business to Business (B2B) ports operations services. Member companies which experience operational constraints at the ports should also contact the NMBC for support.